Sept- Dec 2018

Phase 1: Get the word out and listen

1. Inform school and community

2. Listen to ideas

3. Baseline survey to measures strength of current relationship between community and MVU

Feb-June 2019

Phase 2: Collaboratively design the systems

1. Planning Conversations* with all groups

       -Identify needs and wants of each group

       -Record ideas for systems

       -Locate individuals interested in leadership and support

2. Organize, and analyze data from planning conversations

3. Create plan for all four systems with MVU leaders

June ‘19-June ‘20

Phase 3: Build the systems, test, and train leaders

1. Create working groups to support system building

2. Create representative council/group from current and potential leaders in school and community

3. Create advisory council to give feedback and guide process

4. Host and facilitate meetings and working sessions

June ‘20-June ‘21

Phase 4: Launch, troubleshoot, adjust

1. Launch MVUnity (systems) at MVU 50th anniversary

2. Make adjustments and troubleshoot as needed

3. Host and facilitate meetings and working sessions


June 2021 and beyond

Phase 5: Monitor and support

1. Host and facilitate meetings

*Planning Conversations: Facilitated discussions of common questions for all stakeholders, in small groups or one-on-one


Goal: Determine best methods for school and community to share resources and information and to work together


What will be recorded:

-Submitted responses on paper

-Notes of conversation

-No names unless requested

What will be done with responses:

-Data will entered into spreadsheet by group

-Overall and group data shared with school and community in fall

-Data will determine details of communication and resource network, community service plan, etc.