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What is MVUnity ?

MVUnity is a program to bring together community members with MVU students, teachers, and staff to shape the direction of our school, and better share our resources.  Funding for the first two years comes from the Rowland Foundation, who awarded MVU Social Studies teacher Alyssa Urban $75,000 to oversee this project, and will provide ongoing support.


What are the goals?

☆Greater voice in the direction of MVU

☆Access to lifelong learning opportunities and other school resources

☆Increased student presence and service in towns

☆More personalized and localized learning and service outside of the classroom

☆Increased networking and resources

☆Greater community involvement in MVU courses and programs


How will it work?

Four formalized systems:

1. Communication

2. Resource sharing

3. Community-based  learning and service

4. Collaborative decision making and problem solving

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